Skid Pan
£100 pp per hour introductory course (can be upto 3 people on a course)
£150 pp for 2 hour standard course (can be upto 3 people on a course)
£40 per person (group rates)


Whether you are an occasional motorist or spending hours every week on the road, the changes of being involved in a dangerous skid situation are equally high. If you are not properly trained to deal with such an occurrence then the consequences could be very expensive, even tragic. That is why skid courses can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of individual companies and organisations.


Introductory course
Our introductory one hour course involves skid pan driving instruction in a car, during which time you will experience loss of car control and how to deal with it – in complete safety and at a pace to suit the individual.
After an in car briefing, the instructor will demonstrate the effects and how to cope with locking wheels, understeer and oversteer. Then it is your turn to drive and try out these excersises for yourself – initially at low speeds, increasing as you improve. By the end of the session you will be fully acquainted with the causes of loss of car control, and will have had plenty of opportunity to practice the control of any likely skid you may encounter on the road.


Standard Course
Our standard course takes you through the basic causes of loss of control and how to cope with them – with much more time spent in the car practicising these skills. After an in car briefing the instructor will demonstrate the basic loss of car control problems and how to deal with them, before you take over the driving seat to practice and become competent in these skills.
The course ends with a random selection of loss control problems, to measure the level of improvement in car control technique – you will be amazed by what you have mastered in such a short time.
This is followed by an indepth debriefing on your new skills that one day, could save your life


Advanced course
Calling upon our many years of driver training, the advanced course starts with a discussion with your instructor about basic driving techniques. Then its onto the skid pan before swapping over to the skid master for an extended car control training course.
The course concludes with a random selection of loss control problems, before an indepth debriefing and driver assessment. This extended course is aimed at drivers who are already competent in basic control techniques, and want to develop these skill further.


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